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CANNABOTECH is a Pharmaceutical Startup that is Developing Cannabinoid and Mushroom-Based Medication and Healthcare Products

The commercial potential of the cannabis market and the demand for research-based and innovative products has given rise to Cannabotech, a biotech company that develops cannabis and mushroom-based medicinal drugs and healthcare products, designed by a team of experts with an accumulated experience of over 100 years in the field.

Our Products

Our Products alternate according to market segmentation, time to market, regulatory requirements.
This allows Cannabotech flexibility within the agile and developing global cannabis environment


food supplements and dermo-cosmetic products with an innovative formulation of CBD with medical mushroomsTime to Market: Q4 2020 | Regulation: nutraceuticals & dermo-cosmetics>>>

Medical Cannabis

Customized medical cannabis oils and capsules for cancer, chronic pain and inflammation
Time to Market: Q3 2021 | Regulation: Medical Cannabis >>>

Monitoring App

Free-of-charge Real-time monitoring of body metrics via a smartphone application that recommends a personalized treatment to our healthcare and medical clients >>>


Innovative ethical drugs to treat unexplained infertility and colorectal cancer Time to Market - 5-8 years | Regulation: FDA approved ethic drugs >>>

Our Team

Our Scientific and Management Team Has A Vast Experience in The Pharma Industry,
Essential to Fulfill Our Ambitious Goals of Developing and Marketing Patented
Innovative Therapies In the Cannabis And Medical Mushroom Arena