Our Partners:

We believe that developing partnerships and collaborating with other innovation companies is essential in order to create cutting-edge innovation and transform our vision into reality. Accordingly, we have created collaborations with leading universities, research institutes, hospital and technology companies to fulfill our ambitious goals and develop and market patented innovative therapies.

Collaboration with Haifa University on the R&D of cannabinoid and medical mushroom strain analysis and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
for various indications – including colorectal cancer, cancer support, chronic pain and inflammation.


Collaboration with Binah.ai, Gini Apps, Water IO and Biobeat for the Development of a smartphone application monitoring system

Collaboration with Formulex and PharmItBe for the formulation of healthcare dermo-cosmetics and food supplements

Collaboration with GMP contract manufacturer in the EU and the US

Collaborations and sales agreements with EU and US distributors